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Metrics for Winning Customers in Electronics (ISBN 978-1-4575-5113-0) is now published and available in soft cover for $24.95 US and eBook for $9.99 US from Amazon. The soft cover version can be purchased for 20% discount per copy and 25% discount for ten or more copies by writing directly to

I was Motivated to write this book from encouragement I received from business management professor and successful executives in the electronics industry, as well as through my own management experience working with major corporations. The high tech business is at a crossword facing rapidly evolving technologies and fierce competition from everywhere. The success and survival of companies depends on an effective performance metrics framework and a solid continuous improvement program.The metrics program must have executive sponsorship and active management support and involvement. The author talked to many high-tech business leaders to get their feedback on the future of the industry. They all indicated that companies with an uncertain future have one thing in common- they all lack effective metrics and continuous improvement.While there are many books on general metrics concepts and application already available, this book is is dedicated to various businesses and processes prevalent in the electronic industry. The latter is crucial ( now and in the future) to the world economy and is growing very rapidly, with thousands of global companies competing for leadership. This book is structured to serve as an excellent reference for developing the strategy for and the execution of a practical, usable and easy to understand metrics program for any business in the electronics industry.

Vino Mody is a firm believer in the value of performance metrics and team play as the most important factors that decide the long term fate of any company or industry. His passion for thoroughness doing things right the first time and accuracy in everything that is worth doing is reflected in his unique thinking on business processes and metrics for winning customers contained in this book. Vino holds degrees in engineering and business management and has had a successful career as vice president of quality in four different corporations in the US and Switzerland over the last 25 years. He has been credited with establishing highly effective cross functional metrics dynamics that achieved multi-fold productivity improvement of cable, wifi,satellite and network system in these companies. Vino has audited over 200 electronics companies worldwide , and served as ASQ National Speaker List and the Malcolm Baldridge and Six Sigma boards at major corporations .