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Following is the synopsis for Vino Mody’s third book entitled “Invented AND Made in the USA” undergoing publication with expected release in April, 2017.


A drive through the Rust Belt reveals dozens of former manufacturing towns that have been decimated by corporations’ decisions to outsource American manufacturing, largely to China and Mexico. The result is former skilled employees without jobs, and their towns and families without hope or direction, and massive trade deficits. However, new and heartening evidence is now emerging that America’s industrial era has not ended. The perseverance and ingenuity that took America to the pinnacle of success in manufacturing from the late 19th and well into the 20th century still exists and is about to experience a significant revival. American businesses are now reshoring—bringing their factories back to American soil and proudly producing top quality, innovative items bearing a “Made in the USA” label.

This book explores how America has maintained its industrial output, and therefore its wealth, from the early days of its history until the present day. The end of slavery and the migration of African Americans to northern states, together with the immigration of thousands of Europeans seeking the New World, were the bare bones of the workforce that would drive American industrial progress at a phenomenal speed at the turn of the 20th century. America capitalized on disruptive innovations, manufacturing might, and infrastructure and exploited its abundant raw materials to create an industrial empire and prosperity unmatched anywhere else in the world. However, American history holds another recurring lesson; namely, that the worst societal evil is unemployment—one of the major consequences of the offshoring of American manufacturing.

Historical periods of unemployment and the resulting hopelessness, idleness, and poverty drive social malaise, agitation, and often violence. History shows that providing the poor, the neglected, and the unemployed with good jobs and a living wage goes a long way to healing society’s ills and to reinstilling a sense of pride in one’s country and its abilities. Today’s reshoring of American industry may indicate that corporations and the government are also learning this timely lesson. The US may indeed once again see the unfolding of amazing new examples of American ingenuity as American manufacturing sets off again on the right foot, which is now being firmly planted again on American soil.